Penta (personal energetic task) “is the transmission of consciential energy, individual care, scheduled daily schedule of human consciousness, aided by helper or helpers, in the ordinary physical waking state, directly to deprived or ill, intangible and invisible extraphysical consciousnesses to the common human vision, or projected or not, proximal or distant, also deprived or diseased “(VIEIRA, 1995, p.12).

“The instinctive, fetal, empirical, and non-technical penta always existed in a sketching way among human consciousness awakened to multidimensionality, from time immemorial, practices aggravated and polluted by the intrusions of mysticisms, archetypes, brain washes, intraphysical conditioning, sacralizations, inadequacies and social repressions of all cultural types “(VIEIRA, 1995, p.12).

The Tenepes was launched, in fact, to the general public, in 1966, as recorded in the book 700 Experiments of Conscientiology, authored by the researcher Waldo Vieira.

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